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Are you looking for an Unforgettable Tour?

Discover Guatemala with us, where exceptional guiding meets pure enjoyment! Our clients cherish the laughter-filled journeys as they visit iconic landmarks, blending cultural activities that immerse them in the heart of the country.

Your adventure in Guatemala starts here. Check our available tours:

11 Night Tour

8-night Tour Guatemala

Embark on an 8-night journey, visiting the most iconic destinations in Guatemala. Have an insight of agriculture, Coffee Farming and Mayan heritage.

11 Night Tour

3 Day Adventure, Culture and Archeology

Discover the best vacation packages in Guatemala. Buy weeks and 2 weeks packages with us and explore the country's top attractions, sights, and landmarks.

11 Night Tour

3 Days Beach, Beers and Farms

Relax and enjoy this 3 days tour, exploring Antigua, farms, and a trip to El Paredon beach.

11 Night Tour

11 Night Tour Around Guatemala, including Tikal

A tour designed to show you the beauty of the “The Land of Eternal Spring”, and build a real connection with Guatemala and its people.

  • 18 ene 2025, 3:00 p. m. GMT-6 – 26 ene 2025, 6:00 a. m. GMT-6
    Book now and experience Guatemala like never before! Explore top sites and engage in amazing activities! Enjoy a journey full of laughter and a deep immersion into the country's culture.
  • 14 feb 2025, 3:00 p. m. GMT-6 – 22 feb 2025, 10:00 a. m. GMT-6
    Antigua Guatemala, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
    A second opportunity to explore Guatemala differently. Book now to explore top sites and take part in amazing activities! Enjoy a journey full of laughter and a deep immersion into the country's culture.

To travel with us is to have a good time and not only sightseeing.


About Our Tours

Do It Different Tours provides a range of extended tours, spanning three days or longer. Every tour promises a distinctive experience, designed to immerse you in various activities and connect you with people, history, and culture, making you an integral part of the journey.

Socially Conscious

Do It Different Tours is committed to providing amazing experiences that reflect and support the communities we visit. We believe in the power of community, so we work with local providers and non-profits who are dedicated to making a difference and improving lives within their own communities. Come join us as we explore Guatemala in an exciting and unique way!

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Hello! I'm Simon, an adventurous Tour Guide with more than ten years of experience in the UK and Ireland. Since discovering Central America in 2014 and falling in love with it, I've dedicated myself to creating unique, personal travel experiences. While I've guided tours for prominent companies, I've found that the true magic lies in smaller groups, uncovering hidden gems off the beaten path and immersing ourselves in local customs. My main focus is on curating meaningful journeys that blend exploration, relaxation, and authentic connections. If you're interested in an genuine adventure in Guatemala, the UK, or Ireland, let's have a conversation!

- Simon Kelly

Leon Hunneman, Neatherlands

Traveled in Guatemala with Simon in 2020. Living there, he knows a lot about the country (way beyond any info a guidebook can give you) and showed us some of the best spots. Guatemala is gorgeous!"

James Creegan, USA

Simon is a wealth of knowledge extremely professional but at the same time great fun and entertaining. I would recommend touring with him in any country of the world. The man knows the industry inside out and has some real hidden gems you won’t get with other operators. Hope to travel with him again."

Jamie Schlieckau, Wisconsin

Simon is the most fantastic tour guide ever!!! (...) Simon makes you feel like family and is so incredibly personable and accommodating. I would absolutely take any trip he is guiding again and again. 



At Do It Different Tours we will make your trip unforgettable, so contact us for a chat and see if you like what we have to offer.

Phones: GUA +502 5876 4938

WhatsApp +353 85 833 6581

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