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Guatemala to the fullest!

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Guatemala is a country that can be a challenge for many, however it is still a unique tourist destination where you really feel like you are entering the final frontier! As visitors we can easily miss out on incredible experiences by not being with a local or by going on a tour focused only on hitting the usual touristic spots that you can find in any guidebook.

That is why I have decided to write this article to help you experience Guatemala to the fullest.

Get the most of Guatemala, experience it to the fullest!

If you have never been in Guatemala, you may be wondering what type of activities you can do to make the most of your trip. In this blog I gather just a few different ideas that you may be interested in and might not know about Guatemala.

#1: The food

#2: The special places with special views.

#3: Outdoors activities

#4: Espiritual experience


#1: The food

First of all let's talk about the food. Guatemala is an exporter of many vegetables and fruits. In Guatemala you will find a huge variety of exotic fruits that we do not export but that we eat here regularly. It could be easily argued that we keep the best for ourselves!

I always remember my first time visiting the markets here and just being amazed by the colors, smells and sheer number of strange fruits that I had never seen before.

Guatemala has hundreds of different types of bananas and the local favorite is the National Banana. These bananas are smaller, sweeter and the texture is more consistent, in fact if you ask several "chapines" which banana they prefer, they will say the National. As well as this you can find other fruits such as medlars, jocotes, white guísquil, different varieties of granadías etc. But MY GOD! if you are lucky enough to be here during mango season, you will find the largest variety of the freshest, most delicious mangos you have probably ever seen, and they are everywhere!

#2: The special places with special views.

Second, you will not want to miss the special places that not only have spectacular views, Guatemala is diverse. It has mountains, hills, jungles, volcanoes, the Caribbean, Pacific, Atlantic etc... so it is no surprise that there are views that will blow your mind. I mean you cant help but be amazed and the special places that you will find yourself eating and drinking can be dream like.

Places like Ceveceria 14 where you can drink local beers, eat great food, listen to local music in a natural environment, while you watch the lava explode from an real life volcano in the distance.

You can learn about bees at a local honey farm like Bee Cabañas. You could find yourself having the freshest cup of local coffee in Finca San Sebastián after strolling through the rows of red cherry covered coffee plants with your guide.

You could even find yourself wearing your Indiana Jones hat while you explore some of the many ancient Mayan cities to the sounds of growler monkeys protecting their jungle territories.

#3: Outdoors activities

If what you are looking for is a little more outdoors and adrenaline, I recommend doing some activities that allow you to experience something you have never done before. If you're brave enough try climbing the dormant Acatenango volcano where you can see and feel the power of the Fuego Volcano's eruptions up close. Sip hot chocolate while the lava lights up the night sky in a terrific fireworks show.

You can also do paragliding activities over Lake Atitlán and not only see the lake in a different way but at the same time feel what it is like to fly between 3 volcanoes and one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

You could do activities such as canopy in several ecological parks or you can rent bicycles or motorcycles and venture out to discover the beautiful landscapes of Guatemala in a different way, and if you go with children, maybe a visit to Irtra water park and theme parks, where the mayan influence is present in its design.

#4: Spiritual experience

If culture is your thing then maybe you would like to connect with your spiritual side. Why not attend a Mayan Fire Ceremony and feel the connection between nature and your spirit? learn all about some of the beliefs of the Maya and their connection with nature and spirit guides. This ceremony can be done in multiple places, but the easiest to find are in Lake Atitlán. You could probably ask an indigenous person about when and where these ceremonies take place, but you can also book a ceremony especially for you and your group.

And if you are catholic, you can come and experience Holy Week (Easter) in Guatemala. The smell of corozo covers the streets decorated with beautiful hand made carpets that are created for the commemoration of the passion and death of Christ through the processions carried out by the brotherhoods of the parishes of Guatemala.

In short, there are many options to enjoy Guatemala in a different way, what are you waiting for?

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That looks and sounds amazing. I’m going to talk to my friends to see if I can put a group togethe. It sounds like travel rather than tourism. Very exciting

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