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  • How can I book a tour with Do It Different Tours
    You can check the tours we have available and click directly on book now or send us a message to talk to us about a tailor-made tour.
  • Can I use my cell phone while in Guatemala?
    In Guatemala, you can find two phone companies, Tigo and Claro, which can sell you a SIM chip to use in your unlocked phone so you can call and have internet. Normally chip prices range from Q15 to Q30 ($2 to $4) and these can include air minutes or internet GB or both. You can also buy different packages of minutes for national calls or calls to the USA or Internet and social media packages from Q10 (over $1) per day to Q100 (between $12 and $13) per month. Do not forget to bring your passport when going to buy your chip, since it is a requirement to be able to buy them.
  • Is tipping customary in Guatemala?
    It is expected to give a 10% tip to waiters in restaurants; often this is already included in the bill. However, if the drivers, guides and other people who offer you a service do a good job it is appropriate to tip them and it is at your discretion how much or if you will tip.
  • Do I need a visa to travel to Guatemala?
    You do not need a Visa to enter Guatemala, however your passport must be valid for the entire length of your trip.
  • What is internet access like in Guatemala?
    Internet is available in our Hotels, as well as most cafes in tourist places. this internet is good enough to watch videos and do normal internet activities. The speed will often depend on the location. Your guide will be able to help you by suggest places to get internet when you need it.
  • What are the toilets like in Guatemala?
    Toilets are the standard western style flushing toilets.
  • Do I need power adapters?
    Guatemala has outlets with two flat prongs and 110v power, just like the rest of North America. No adapters or converters are necessary for North Americans. If you are from a non American country an adapter to the USA will do the job
  • Can I drink the water in Guatemala?
    You cannot drink the tap water in Guatemala, however there will always be purified or bottled water in restaurants, coffees, shops, pharmacies and more. The water is good to shower, wash your hands and brush your teeth.
  • Are credit cards accepted in Guatemala?
    Most major credit cards will be accepted in Guatemala in established shops, Visa, MasterCard and Revolut can be used with no problems. It's always good to have some local cash just in case you want to buy something from a market vendor or small store.
  • Are the ATMs easy to access?
    Yes, ATM’s are widley available and are the easiest way to get the local currency, the Quetzal. The maximun amount that can be withdrawn in one day is Q2000 which is around $255.
  • Is Guatemala accepting Bitcoin?
    Bitcoin in Guatemala is not as popular as in the neighbour country El Salvador, so you should not be expecting to find places accepting it.
  • Should I purchase travel insurance?
    It is mandatory to have travel insurance in order to travel with Doit Different Tours. Private hospitals do have high standards but they can be very expensive. You have to know that public hospitals in Guatemala are not up to the standard of US hospitals or other first world countries.
  • Is Guatemala a safe country?
    Our touring areas are very safe. Guatemala can be dangerous in parts of the city or in areas where tourism is not promoted, the recommendation is to go with a tour guide and stick to their suggestions. Guatemalan people in general are very friendly to foreigners.
  • What clothes should I wear in Guatemala?
    The climate in Guatemala changes with the altitude, for example in Antigua or Lake Atitlan the climate is perfect with days of 25C and nights a fresh 14C/ 52F. In Tikal/Peten nights are around 17C/ 64F and days 30C/ 86F, Nights 17C/ 66F (Air-con Hotel) It is recommended that your clothing be light but bring a sweater anyway as it can get cold at night.
  • Which airports fly Direct to Guatemala?
    USA LA (LAX), Dallas Fort Worth (DFW), Houston (IAH), Chicago (ORD), Atlanta (ATL), Washington (IAD), New York City (JFK), New York (EWR),Orlando (MCO), Fort Lauderdale (FLL), Miami (MIA), Europe Madrid (MAD) Mexico Merida (MID), Cancun (CUN), Mexico City (CUN), Oaxaca (OAX), Tuxtla Gutiérrez (TGZ), Belize City (BZE), El Salvador - San Salvador (SAL) Costa Rica - San José (SJO) Honduras - San Pedro Sula (SAP), Comayagua (XPL) Panama - Panama City (PTY) Colombia - Bogotá (BOG) Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo (SDQ)
  • Which city/airport do you arrive at?
    La Aurora, Guatemala City Airport
  • What is the currency used?
    Guatemala uses the Quetzal (Q), which is equivalent to 0.13 approx., of the US dollar.
  • How many people will be on the tour?
    For a tour to run there must be at least four people, the maximum is 12 people.
  • How do you get around?
    Our tours include a driver, guide and air conditioned tour bus. Depending on the tour there may be a boat trip.
  • How can I get Guatemalan money?
    You can exchange your currency at the airport upon arrival, as well as at Guatemalan banks and at currency exchange stores. The easiest way is to use the ATM.
  • Are there medical centers in case of illness?
    There are health centers in all the towns even when they are small, if you feel bad for some reason and it is not something major and you do not want to use your insurance, they will be able to help you. Just ask your guide to help.
  • What hotels are booked and what amenities do they have?
    In our tour description we have the names of the tour hotels. On a very rare occasion they may change due to circumstances beyond our control but we will inform you if this occurs.
  • What level of fitness is needed and can you accommodate a range of levels?
    The activity level of our tours are aimed at people who can walk for a normal period of time. The best way to describe the level is that if you can manage a standard walking tour then you'll be absolutely fine.
  • Do you have to speak Spanish?
    Basic Spanish can help you order a beer without the need for an interpreter but it is not necessary, tourist places tend to hire bilingual people, and Guatemalans tend to be very kind and patient with foreigners. If you are interested in receiving some Spanish classes while you are in Guatemala, we can also make it possible. Just ask your guide and they will teach you some useful phrases to help you order the tab and maybe even some food or a drink.
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